Welcome to PetCam App – Live WebView

Live WebView, our New and Unique Feature

PetCam App – Live WebView is the new service for our valued customers

Live WebView allows you to watch your beloved pet on your Web Browser if you can’t use your smartphone while at work or on a trip,
you can now do so via our new service.
You will use your own secure PetCam App account, which you created while installing the app.


  • Live Web Video with Ultra-Low-Latency *).
  • 3 (three) additional Viewers to share your Video with your family members or best friends.
  • Additional Views secured by a Stream Token.
  • Chat with your Viewers in RealTime while your Live WebView is activated, secure and anonymous.
  • Resizable Picture in Picture (PiP) function to View your beloved pet on any place of your screen while you are working.
  • PiP works with all Apple Devices and the most Android Devices **) with Operating System lower than Android 10.
  • Live WebView is responsive.
  • Live WebView can be used with Laptop/PCs, Tablets and Smartphones.
  • Live WebView can be remotely activated / deactivated by the Receiver of PetCam App.

*) max delay 1 – 4 seconds depending your Internet Connection
**) Unfortunately we can not guarantee the PiP function for Android Devices due to the restrictions by Google and YouTube for this feature

How PetCam App – Live WebView works

Important Informations:

  1. You need to have PetCam App installed on 2 (two) devices.
  2. Purchase a Live WebView License via inApp Purchase at your iOS or Android device.
  3. We will receive the notification after a successful purchase.
  4. You will receive an e-mail with all important informations within a few hours (max 24 hours – depending on your time zone), after the setup of your Live WebView is completed. All other functions of PetCam are available immediately!
  5. Login to your PetCam App Account on your browser with your PetCam App Username and Password.

  6. Now you can use your private Live WebView
  7. If you want to add 3 more Viewers, send them the Standalone Player with the unique Stream Name.
  8. Enable the Live Web Stream remotely from your Receiver.

  9. Make sure that your Pet Station is online and connected to a power supply.
  10. Watch your pet at your secure and private PetCam App Account.
  11. You may subscribe to this service with a monthly, 3 months or 6 months subscription.
  12. Price starting with US$ 4,74/month with the 6 months subscription
  13. No additional hardware needed!

  14. To avoid overloading of your Pet Station the stream stops each 60min after activation, unless there is a failure in your internet connection.
    You may reactivate it anytime, as often as you want with your Receiver.