Live WebView

Our New & Unique Feature

Live WebView is a new service for our valued customers

Live WebView allows you to watch your beloved pet on your Web Browser if you can’t use your smartphone while at work or on a trip.
You will use your own secure PetCam App Account, which you created while installing the app.


  • Live Web Video with Ultra-Low-Latency *).
  • 3 (three) additional Viewers to share your Video with your family members or best friends.
  • Additional Views secured by a Stream Token.
  • Chat with your Viewers in RealTime while your Live WebView is activated, secure and anonymous.
  • Resizable Picture in Picture (PiP) function to View your beloved pet on any place of your screen while you are working.
  • Live WebView is responsive.
  • Live WebView can be used with Laptop/PCs, Tablets and Smartphones.
  • Live WebView can be remotely activated / deactivated by the Receiver of PetCam App.

*) max delay 1 – 4 seconds depending your Internet Connection

How PetCam App – Live WebView works

Important Informations:

  • You need to have PetCam App installed on 2 (two) devices.
  • Purchase a Live WebView License via inApp Purchase at your mobile device.
  • We will receive the notification after a successful purchase.
  • You will receive an e-mail with all important informations within a few hours (max 24 hours – depending on your time zone), after the setup of your Live WebView is completed. All other functions of PetCam are available immediately!
  • Login to your PetCam App Account on your browser with your PetCam App Username and Password.
  • Now you can use your private Live WebView
  • If you want to add 3 more Viewers, send them the Standalone Player with the unique Stream Name.
  • Enable the Live Web Stream remotely from your Receiver.
  • Make sure that your Pet Station is online and connected to a power supply.
  • Watch your pet at your secure and private PetCam App Account.
  • You may subscribe to this service with a monthly, 3 months or 6 months subscription.
  • Price starting with US$ 2,67/month with the 6 months subscription
  • No additional hardware needed!
  • To avoid overloading of your Pet Station the stream stops each 60min after activation, unless there is a failure in your internet connection.
    You may reactivate it anytime, as often as you want with your Receiver.
  • The Demo Version includes 10 streams for 15 minutes each one.